The 'Glass Whale' building in Bálna, Budapest, which features PYRAN® fire-resistant glazing


PYRAN® fire-resistant glazing is superior to conventional safety glass for a number of reasons. Made from borosilicate, it shows stronger resistance to a range of temperature differentials, which offers the potential for larger panes with longer fire resistance times and reduced fracturing.
Bright reception area of an office building with glass wall

Life-saving light transmission

PYRAN® glazing retains outstanding transparency in extreme temperatures. This can be vital in the event of a fire, when visibility is challenged, and can be a life-saver when evacuating a building. Meanwhile, high light transmission along with excellent color reproduction mean that security can still be combined with attractive aesthetics.

Internal corridor of an office building featuring conference room with glass wall

Enduring, popular and versatile

PYRAN® has been a globally trusted safety glazing product for decades, and it’s likely you will have already benefitted from its protection in many areas of everyday life. Commonly found in airports, hotels, school, museums, offices and shopping centers around the world, its versatility means it’s found in doors, roofs, facades and partitions, as well as windows.

Modern office reception area with long sheet of PYRAN® S fire-resistant glass

Product variants

PYRAN® S is a pre-stressed monolithic borosilicate safety glass, while ISO PYRAN® S is a double-glazed unit offering extra insulation and protection. Other variants include PYRAN® G for curved glazing, PYRAN® white for outstanding visual quality and the floated glass-ceramic PYRAN® Star and PYRAN® Platinum.

More about variants
Internal view of a building wall and roof made using ISO PYRAN® S fire-resistant glass
Exterior of a building wall made using PYRAN® G fire-resistant glass
Internal glass partition wall made using PYRAN® white glass
Fire fighter in silver protective suit holding a red water hose
Three clear samples of PYRAN® Platinum fire-rated glass-ceramic

We are certified

SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. All types of SCHOTT fire-resistant glass is CE-certified and classified in accordance with EN 13501-2.

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