Female surgeon looking at a patient in a hospital operating theatre

Medical Devices

Whether it's Illumination for a device or the protection of sensitive electronics inside an instrument, SCHOTT’s state-of the art, custom-made products help medical equipment manufacturers design smaller, more functional and reliable systems that both doctor and patient will benefit from. 


SCHOTT products help surgical device and equipment manufacturers to broaden their design horizons. Our light guides, LED systems and electrical components enable smaller device design, more precise and efficient lighting solutions, and easier and more reliable device handling and sterilization. The superior quality of our components also increases robustness and longevity so that surgical devices can work to their full potential.


Improving visibility is key in all endoscopic procedures, either by improving optical visualization or by reducing endoscope size. SCHOTT's flexible light guides and autoclavable LEDs enable the development of highly efficient and miniaturized lighting designs for treatment-area illumination, while our image bundles allow for extremely accurate and high resolution diagnostics.

Electronics and Sensors

Since they are potentially exposed to bodily fluids, moisture, and thermal or chemical stress during the autoclaving process, medical device electronics and sensors need to be packaged or 'sealed off' to achieve optimum performance. With our range of autoclavable electrical connectors, packages and LEDs, SCHOTT can support your requirements for ultimate device reliability, while offering extremely miniaturized formats with packaging options down to wafer-level chip scale.


SCHOTT’s range of fiber optics, radiation shielding glass and glass tubing has been highly effective in controlling and optimizing the use of x-rays in medicine and dentistry. Our versatile fiber optic faceplates block x-rays to protect detectors from radiation, while our radiation shielding glass range is highly effective in radiation protection when used in viewing windows, doors and panoramic glazing for analytical equipment.


SCHOTT glass products are already a vital element in medical displays around the world, providing clear and accessible information for medical professionals and patients. Now, with the growth of augmented reality and its emergence as an important tool for medical science, SCHOTT’s state-of-the-art products have a key role to play. One of those products is SCHOTT RealView®, which sets new standards in high refractive index wafers for augmented reality applications such as smart glasses and head-mounted devices.


Device failure is not an option for medical devices, including those that rely on batteries for power supply. The reliability and safety of these batteries depends on the components and materials needed to prevent harmful moisture intrusion or electrolyte evaporation, which can lead to reliability issues caused by changes in battery chemistry. SCHOTT's gas-tight lid systems and innovative glass materials significantly enhance the reliability and lifespan of Lithium primary and secondary batteries.

Laser Treatment

Whether supporting minimally invasive surgical procedures or killing cancer cells, light-based therapies play an important role in improving the health of patients. As these therapies become more complex and precise, they demand more from the components used to deliver laser light to the area being treated. SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers can meet the exact needs of these applications, making treatments more efficient and easier to perform.