Man in white overalls and hat working in an industrial plant

Safety and Inspection

SCHOTT glass and glass fiber optic products are widely employed in a number of areas to advance safety and inspection standards in industrial environments, saving lives and protecting businesses in sprinkler systems, head-mounted displays and spark and flame detection technology.

Sprinkler Systems

As well as glass that remains stable in extreme conditions, SCHOTT manufactures products that enable glass devices to act as thermal sensors for sprinkler systems. DUROBAX® clear and DURAN® are ideally suited to this application, while DURAN® glass tubing in any variation is the ideal base for safety lamps in harsh conditions.

Head-Mounted Displays

Augmented reality technology is becoming increasingly valuable in the area of inspection and maintenance in safety-critical industries such as aviation and the automotive industry, with their use spreading into other industries. SCHOTT’s expertise in the advanced optics field has enabled us to develop products such as SCHOTT RealView® High Refractive Index Wafers, which deliver high contrast and vivid color imagery, as well as image conduits that help to overcome the restrictions of direct vision.

Spark and Flame Detection

SCHOTT’s range of fiber optics, feedthroughs and packaging for sensors have vital roles in the area of fire prevention, as they are used for spark control to prevent fire outbursts in industrial units, minimizing injury, material damage or production downtime. Products such as our flexible light guides are able to function in temperatures up to 350°C, offering the potential for flame detection in hostile environments.