Row of digital cameras pointing in same direction

Consumer Optics

SCHOTT’s unrivalled range of high-quality components plays a leading role in digital cameras, video and projection in the consumer sector, as well as the industrial. As imaging technology develops, our range of lenses and cutoff filters develops with it, offering pin-sharp images alongside robust quality.

Digital Cameras

As consumers demand more sophisticated digital cameras in a competitive market, advanced sensor technology has to be matched by high-quality lenses and components. SCHOTT is a leading provider of components such as cutoff filters and blue filter glass, which combine with image sensors to deliver an outstanding level of true color imaging, making digital cameras respond to light just as our eyes do.

Digital Projection

The quality of our product range has made SCHOTT a leading provider of glass components for high-end consumer digital projectors. Our HT and HTultra glass offers exceptional transmittance, while the renowned SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass has extremely high heat resistance when used with powerful, high-temperature projection lamps, helping to ensure stunning brightness and color quality even on very large displays.

Video and Camcorders

As video recording becomes increasingly mobile and camcorders become lighter with greater image definition, SCHOTT products advance alongside them. Our range of optical lenses has never been so extensive, while our expertise in producing filters for camera products is highly valued in the industry.