Five versions of SCHOTT Eternaloc® feedthroughs for energy applications shown on a grey background


Eternaloc® feedthroughs enable the transmission of electrical power and signals into and out of vacuum-tight assemblies. They provide long-term peace of mind for energy applications in challenging environments, including liquefied natural gas, compressed gas, nuclear power, submarines, and oil and gas equipment.
Man working on a SCHOTT Eternaloc® feedthrough

Safe and proven technology for energy applications

Eternaloc® feedthroughs and connectors protect safety-critical electrical infrastructure. This is especially important in potential severe accident scenarios that can include extreme temperature, pressure, thermal cycling, and shocks / vibration. SCHOTT’s unique compression glass-to-metal sealing has a proven track record and is seen as the safest technology available.

Female scientist examining an Eternaloc® feedthrough

Maintenance-free reliability reduces cost of ownership

Our electrical feedthroughs have delivered maintenance-free performance for decades, enabling reduced recalls and replacements, as well as lower total cost of ownership. This means both safer and more cost-efficient generation and transportation of energy.

Cutaway view of a SCHOTT Eternaloc® Liquefied Gas Terminal Header

Product variants

Nearly every Eternaloc® feedthrough, connector, and cable penetration is completely custom-made. What unifies the product family is the careful design of each component to reliably meet the challenging specifications of end-use applications.

SCHOTT Eternaloc® electrical penetration assembly for nuclear high temperature reactors
SCHOTT Eternaloc® lead-through plate for hydrogen gas-cooled generators
SCHOTT Eternaloc® feedthrough for oil and gas exploration
Nuclear-powered submarine on sea surface
Watch how nuclear power plants are becoming safer and more cost ef­ficient thanks to innovative components

We are certified

Eternaloc® feedthroughs are manufactured at a production site that is certified according to ISO 9001 / 14001, KTA 1401, ASME, ATEX & IECEx, and CE plus, amongst others.

Exterior view of the office of Hangzhou New-Asia Cryogenic Industrial Equipment
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Hangzhou New-Asia Cryogenic Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd. (NAC) is committed to the research and development of cryogenic pumps, driving China’s cryogenic industry to connect with world standards. Chief Engineer Zhang Yiming shares the challenges and opportunities in the LNG and clean energy industry.

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Hydrogen applications

Hydrogen study by Roland Berger features SCHOTT sealing technology

A recent hydrogen-related manufacturing study by international consulting firm Roland Berger points out that hydrogen technologies need to develop so that they work on an industrial scale using mature technologies. SCHOTT's hermetic feedthroughs and glass seals are proven components and materials that can improve the safety along the entire hydrogen value chain. To learn more, please look at the deep dive on page 19 of the study.

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The SUISO Frontier hydrogen carrier ship. Image credit: HySTRA

World’s First Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier Ship Features Glass-Sealed Eternaloc® Feedthroughs from SCHOTT

The world’s first hydrogen carrier ship – the SUISO Frontier – features numerous glass-sealed feedthrough components to provide increased safety. SCHOTT worked with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. to develop tailor-made double-glass-sealed, vacuum-tight feedthroughs that allow transmission of both electrical and optical signals for the ship’s monitoring systems.

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