Wide shot of a large manufacturing plant

Components for Industrial Plants

SCHOTT has always worked alongside industry to develop and adapt glass technology for their unique requirements, and our huge range of durable and versatile products continues to prove highly valuable across a wide spectrum of applications.

Sight and Gauge Glasses

Sight and gauge glasses are essential tools for a wide range of manufacturing industries, and SCHOTT glass products have the precision, versatility and dependability to provide vision as well as safety. Available in a variety of sizes, finishes and specifications, our robust, highly transparent, heat- and chemical-resistant borosilicate glass is ideal for use in a wide range of safety sight and level gauge glasses.


Screens and displays in industrial environments need to be highly durable and functional in hostile environments – just the right requirements for SCHOTT’s range of lightweight and robust special glass products. Products such as SCHOTT Xensation® are commonly used in screen protectors and fingerprint sensor covers.

Extreme industrial temperatures require materials with high thermal shock resistance

Setter and Inner Linings

SCHOTT’s NEXTREMA® range is relied upon for a series of high-temperature industrial applications because of its impressive combination of thermal, optical, chemical and mechanical properties. Outstanding thermal shock resistance, near-zero thermal expansion, smooth and chemically resistant surfaces, and the availability of large-sized sheets make it highly suitable for the demanding environments experienced by setter and inner linings for high temperature furnaces.

IR Heater Covers

Infrared heating is widely used in industrial units because of its direct emission of heat, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, but heating elements still need protection from mechanical stresses and contaminants in demanding industrial environments. SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic is highly heat resistant and offers broad transmission in the IR range, as well as customization options for use as a protective cover to provide a safer working environment.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Compressors in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration units receive thousands of times the pressure that standard compressors do. Dependable components are essential, which is why many companies turn to SCHOTT. Our glass-to-metal sealed compressor terminals reliably withstand extremely high pressure and electrical loads.

Pneumatic Conveyor Systems

SCHOTT prides itself on delivering glass-based solutions for a vast range of industry applications, and our DURAN® borosilicate glass bends offer precise, durable and cost-effective technology for pneumatic conveying systems. Thanks to the high resistance of our glass, our bends are ideally suited to the transportation of highly abrasive material.

Heat Exchanger and Condensers

SCHOTT's long experience of developing glass solutions for engineered systems and plants makes products such as DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 tubing a reliable choice when used in industrial heat transfer applications. Outstanding corrosion and thermal shock resistance, easy maintenance and a broad range of available dimensions for fitting in a range of systems makes DURAN® a strong and flexible option.

Glass Apparatus Construction

With the increased use of industrial glass apparatus in recent years, top quality materials are in high demand, and DURAN® glass tubing has been an industry-leading product in this field since the 1950s. We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to industrial glass apparatus, which results in a highly customer-focused approach and an enthusiasm to create individual products made to your exact specification.

Laboratory Sewage System

As the awareness of environmental issues spreads, industry now expects highly efficient and eco-friendly methods of laboratory waste drainage and neutralization. KIMAX® glass drain and vent systems offers maximum corrosion resistance and no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), along with safe and simple installation, low running costs and adaptable designs to fit changing laboratory needs.

Factory Automation

As automation increases in all areas of industry, its reliance on machine vision systems, sensors and fiber optics increases with it. SCHOTT closely works with its customers to create systems that work best for their needs, whether it's the use of fiber optic imaging and lighting components, or our versatile range of hermetically sealed glass-to-metal packaging for sensors and feedthroughs.


Spectroscopy is used across a number of industries, including pharmaceutical, textiles, food and agriculture. Fiber optic components from SCHOTT are playing an important role in spectrometers in various fields, with our collaborative approach enabling us to optimize our products for our customers’ individual requirements.