Modern professional kitchen with a range of appliances

Professional Appliances

In professional kitchens and in stores, the food can only be as good as the appliances that cook it. SCHOTT offers the highest quality glass and glass-ceramic components for cooktops, ovens and barbecues. On the inside, SCHOTT thermal fuses reliably protect the appliances in the event of overheating.
SCHOTT produces stylish and functional cooktops made with CERAN® glass-ceramic


SCHOTT has been a prominent presence in professional kitchens for decades thanks to SCHOTT CERAN®, a globally renowned glass-ceramic cooktop brand. When introduced in the 1970s, its black glass-ceramic panel pre-empted today’s hobs, and since then, we have continued to improve the range for professional appliance manufacturers.


Professional kitchens and in-store bakeries present a tough challenge for any appliance, but SCHOTT products have the durability and technical quality to excel. SCHOTT’s heat-resistant coated glass for oven doors enables visual monitoring of food without the need to open up and risk heat loss, while color printing can allow for manufacturers' branding to be incorporated.

Coffee Machines

SCHOTT glass products offer numerous options for coffee machine design, whether it’s fully automatic commercial devices or professional espresso machines. SCHOTT’s highly durable glass products provide intuitive, user-friendly haptic control panels with color or conductive printing for capacitive sensors.


Professional kitchens incorporating barbecues into their operation need top quality hardware, and SCHOTT’s NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic lids, accessories, and burner shields are an important part of controlled cooking. A transparent glass-ceramic lid allows the user to see inside the barbecue without opening it and affecting the internal temperature. When used in combination with NEXTREMA® burner shields, they provide enhanced safety due to direct visual response, as well as high temperature resistance.

Glass Straws

With three billion plastic straws thrown away every day, sustainable alternatives for the catering and restaurant industry have never been more urgent. SCHOTT offers glass straws direct from the manufacturer which can last a lifetime rather than a single mealtime. SCHOTT glass straws also offer other advantages: since they are non-porous, they won’t affect the drink’s flavor, and they are also easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Better still, the transparency of glass makes for a straw that looks great on any dining table.