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Passivation Glass

For chemical and mechanical strengthening of semiconductor and varistor surfaces, SCHOTT passivation glass powders are the material of choice. The applied glass layer provides dependable protection for the function of passivating p-n-junctions and acts as hermetic housing for the discrete device.
Four glass bowls with different glass powders in various grain sizes and colors

Extensive selection of high-purity materials

SCHOTT’s Passivation Glass collection is extremely versatile, with comprehensive options of glass compositions to suit a variety of semiconductor and varistor types. Only the finest raw materials are chosen to enable high material purity and low alkaline content.

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Lead-free glasses

SCHOTT glass powders are available with lead-free options for all common passivation applications, including sinter glass diodes and rectifiers, wafer passivation (including thyristors and diodes), and the glazing of high-voltage varistors.

We are certified

Our products are DIN ISO 9001 and Environment ISO 14001 certified.

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