Exterior shot of the KOH-I-NOOR building in Montpellier, France, with balconies made with SCHOTT NARIMA® dichroic glass

Decorative Glazing

Many glass products work best when you don’t see them, but some are created to catch your eye. SCHOTT can help with both requirements, but when it’s the latter, the potential to excite and inspire is boosted by our range of stunning products that use light, design and glass technology to truly dazzle.
Exterior of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, made with SCHOTT NARIMA® dichroic glass

Dichroic Glass

For a visual statement, few varieties of architectural glazing grab the attention like SCHOTT NARIMA® dichroic color-effect glass. Iridescent color effects in six different variations produce a dramatic effect, where the shade and color of the building’s glazing changes with the natural light, producing an ever-changing esthetic mood.

Screen wall inside an office made from SCHOTT RIVULETTA® structured glass

Structured Glass

SCHOTT’s range of decorative glass delivers unrivalled brilliance without compromising on style, with products such as RIVULETTA® and ARISTA® offering the eye-catching effect of light dancing around their structured surfaces. Combining a feeling of space and light with a sense of privacy, structured glass is well-suited to shower doors or office partitions.

Reception of an office building with architectural screens made from SCHOTT glass tubes and rods

Tubes and Rods

SCHOTT works with a number of international architects and interior designers who regularly use tubes and rods to create impressive and original facades and building walls. The highly customizable size, shape and range of glass available means that we work on a huge variety of projects with widely differing requirements.