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Research and Development

With a number of unique competencies, an excellent partner network, and specialist knowledge of the properties and applications of glass, our researchers and development engineers are constantly reinventing the material, surpassing technological boundaries by using cutting-edge production techniques and equipment.
About R&D

Living the pioneering spirit

Our company founders set out to advance the world with groundbreaking glass innovations, fueling science and inspiring progress in a huge range of industries. Our researchers and engineers carry on this tradition with great passion and motivation, always striving to stay one step ahead, driving glass innovations forward to advance sustainable breakthroughs.

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Our expertise

Our Expertise

Melting laboratory

Technology and processing

Our expert knowledge of all major processing techniques results in a broad portfolio of products that use the finest materials for the best performance.

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Glass is fascinating and extremely versatile. Discover the range of glass and polymer materials with which SCHOTT creates innovative solutions, applications and products.

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Glass melting and hot forming

Advanced melting technologies create glass and glass-ceramic products that excel at the most complex of challenges.

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Optical coatings

Optical Coatings

Customized high-end PVD coatings for superior optical components.

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Opportunity Lab

18th Otto Schott Research Award

The Otto Schott Research Award acknowledges exceptional scientific and technological achievements in the area of ground-breaking glass and materials science. Whether talented young scientists, seasoned researchers, or innovative thinkers: Let’s pave the way to a brighter future together.

And the award goes to...

We are pleased to congratulate Prof. Setsuhisa Tanabe on the Otto Schott Research Award 2024. He is a remarkable figure in the scientific community involved in rare-earth doped glass, glass ceramic and ceramic materials. As a recognized leader in the international field of “active” doped optical materials he has maintained high visibility in his field of expertise for decades. With his extensive body of literature, he has proven an unparalleled scholarly and educational impact, both at his home institution of Kyoto University as well as across the community around the globe. The Otto Schott Research Award is a well-deserved addition to his list of accolades.


About the award

Innovation is in our DNA. So, every two years, excellent researchers are honored with the Otto Schott Research Award for their scientific and technological achievements in basic and applied research in the fields of glass, glass-ceramics or related special materials. The Ernst Abbe Fonds is granting the award, that has been set up by the Carl-Zeiss-Foundation together with SCHOTT and ZEISS. First presented in 1991, it recognizes outstanding scientific achievements in fundamental research and technology development of special materials, components, and systems for applications like optics and electronics, solar power, health, and living. It is also intended to encourage support for collaboration between science and industry. The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft manages the Ernst Abbe Fonds, which is responsible for funding the endowment of 25,000 €. Past winners include experts from fields like physics and chemistry representing nations such as the United States, Japan, China, Germany, and various European countries. It is named after the founder of the SCHOTT AG Otto Schott, who is considered the inventor of modern glass technology. Borosilicate glass, one of his many inventions, has changed the world. Unlike any other invention, these products have influenced and, in some cases, even enabled the development of optics, the large-scale chemical industry, and people's everyday lives all over the world.

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About the application and upcoming award ceremony


If you are a young scientist or leading researcher and have an interesting scientific or technological achievement in one of the following fields (glass, glass-ceramics and related advanced materials), please do not hesitate to apply via the following link: Otto Schott Research Award.

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Application criteria

Central criteria for the awarding of the prize are the candidate´s scientific activity in recent years, the quality and originality of his/her original scientific publications, and the extent how he/she has influenced the research field.

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Upcoming award ceremony

The OSA 2024 will be presented in Incheon/Korea during the ICG (International Commission on Glass) Annual Meeting (August 25-28, 2024). The award ceremony will be a part of the plenary session on August 26, 2024. Please find all information about the conference here: ICG 2024.

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The jury

The Board of Trustees of the Ernst Abbe Fonds decides on the final awarding of the prize. Members of the Board of Trustees:

  • Dr. Matthias Müller, SCHOTT AG, Chairman
  • Dr. Michelangelo Masini, Carl Zeiss AG, Vice chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mlynek, Falling Walls Foundation
  • Prof. Dr. Kathleen Richardson, University of Central Florida
  • Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn, Paderborn University
  • Prof. Dr. Tanguy Rouxel, University of Rennes
  • Rainer Lüdtke, Stifterverband for German Science
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An internationally renowned jury of material scientists pre-selects the applications.
“We look forward to using the Otto Schott Research Award to provide new impulses for co-operation between science and industry in the future.”
Dr. Matthias Müller
Head of Research & Development, SCHOTT AG, Germany
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An internationally renowned jury of material scientists pre-selects the applications.
"Prof. Tanabe’s work has brought new ideas and contributions to our field and has made noteworthy efforts towards educating the next generation of glass researchers. I have been honored and privileged to be part of the Award’s selection jury since 2016 and now step off. As there are no other awards dedicated to the celebration of impactful contributions in Glass Science and Engineering, I am proud to have been able to elevate this award, to the world-recognized level that it holds.”
Prof. Dr. Kathleen A. Richardson
UCF Trustee Chair Pegasus Professor Florida Photonics Center of Excellence Professor, Optics & Photonics Materials Science & Engineering, USA
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An internationally renowned jury of material scientists pre-selects the applications.
“The Otto Schott Research Award is awarded biannually for outstanding researchers for their scientific and technological achievements in basic and applied research in the fields of glass, glass-ceramic and related advanced materials. With the attribution of the award to Setsuhisa Tanabe, professor at the university of Kyoto, the 2024 edition is placed under the sign of glass-ceramics and luminescence."
Prof. Dr. Tanguy Rouxel
Professor in mechanics and in glass science at the university of Rennes, France
Research locations

Research locations

SCHOTT's global network of offices and production facilities ensures we remain close to all our customers. Our corporate research centers are based in three locations: Suzhou in China, Mainz in Germany, and Duryea in the USA.

Let's pioneer the impossible together

Whatever challenges the future might hold, we can’t wait to come up with innovative solutions and turn your visions into reality.