Two rows of green glass photobioreactors

Green Tech

As green technology advances and becomes increasingly important for the future of our planet, SCHOTT is developing and delivering products that make significant contributions to creating sustainable methods of energy generation.


The use of high-quality glass tubing such as DURAN® has significant advantages in photobioreactor tubes. High UV-stability means light transmission remains almost constant, even when exposed to solar and UV radiation, and it’s also chemically stable, making cleaning and disinfection easier. In addition, DURAN® is resistant to salt – an important consideration when cultivating saltwater algae.


SCHOTT’s versatile range of glass tubing is widely used in the sterilization of air, water and a variety of surfaces, with a high resistance to solarization contributing to its efficiency in the area of germicidal lamp processing. UV curing of adhesives, paints and inks also benefits from our lamp technology, while our ultra-reliable Solidur® LEDs are ideal for UV water and surface sterilization.

Water Treatment

SCHOTT’s role in producing high quality glass tubing for photobioreactors is crucial for chemical-free waste water treatment. Our DURAN® range of borosilicate glass has the high chemical resistance and all-round durability that makes it ideal for the task. DURAN® also allows optimum and sustainable light input for the highest growth rates of microalgae, facilitating one of the most sustainable methods of water treatment.

Solid Oxide Cells (SOEC/SOFC)

Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOECs) are used to efficiently convert electrical power into high purity gases, e.g. hydrogen, while Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) can convert gas into electricity and heat. For both applications, hermetic sealing of the individual stacks using glass or glass-ceramics is a prerequisite to enable high efficiency in long-term operation, with operating temperatures up to 1000°C and aggressive conditions that present significant challenges.

Autonomous Street Lighting

SCHOTT’s versatile and widely trusted DURAN® borosilicate glass is a highly effective glass for covering photovoltaic modules in autonomous solar street lighting. Durable even in harsh conditions, with a high thermal shock resistance, DURAN® can be produced in a wide range of dimensions with anti-reflective coatings, and offers outstanding light transmission.

Solar Power Plant

SCHOTT has been active in a number of areas of solar technology, such as Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), for a number of years, providing glass technology and expertise for major solar power projects around the world. We continue to play a central role in advancing this increasingly important area, and products such as SCHOTT 8800R and DURAN® are widely used in a number of major global solar energy projects.


Hydrogen has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications, such as the generation of green hydrogen via water electrolysis, conversion into synthetic fuels, and use in fuel cell electric vehicles. SCHOTT’s innovative hermetic components and materials help to improve efficiency and safety along the entire hydrogen value chain – from generation over conversion and transportation and storage to hydrogen use in mobile and stationary applications.