Electric vehicle charger fitted to vehicle input plug


The delicate and complex electronic components of a vehicle are only as good as their protection from outside forces, and SCHOTT’s specialist sealing technology, lid systems, battery fuses and microscopically thin packaging ensure that the automotive experience is more efficient and reliable than ever before.

Electric Compressors

The air conditioning systems in electric and hybrid electric vehicles are all equipped with battery-powered electric compressors, and to work reliably and efficiently, these e-compressors need to be hermetically sealed. SCHOTT offers the most advanced range of vacuum-tight e-compressor terminals that meet the demanding high performance and durability requirements of the automotive industry.


Aluminium electrolyte capacitors have long been susceptible to electrolyte dry-out, but SCHOTT is raising the standard with innovative GTAS® technology. Along with HF-Absorbent Glass Powder that prevents the formation of hydrofluoric acid, we also offer lid systems for double-layer capacitors and ultracapacitors, offering higher performance and increased longevity, with specifications tailored to your exact requirements.

Li-ion Batteries

SCHOTT manufactures a large range of products to improve the efficiency and endurance of Li-ion batteries, from a wide variety of SEFUSE® D6 battery fuses to HF-Absorbent Glass Powder. Since electrolyte leakage is a key factor in diminished battery performance and poor sealing can also result in damage from atmospheric humidity, SCHOTT also offers a range of GTAS battery cell lids, delivering gas-tight performance that traditional packages cannot match.


SCHOTT’s innovative range of microscopically thin aluminosilicate glass lends itself to a huge range of uses, including optical and optoelectronic applications. SCHOTT produces high precision glass discs to a large variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, with customized anti-reflective or beamsplitter coatings.

EV Chargers

As the transport sector transforms from fossil fuel to electric power, SCHOTT’s range of glass panels for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and wall boxes provide simple, reliable and weather-proof control for homes and businesses in a wide range of designs.