Fused Imaging Fiber Optics

SCHOTT Fused Imaging Fiber Optics can be custom made with your needs in mind. With a wide array of material selections and construction options, we can work with you to design a component that optimizes the performance of your system.

A wide range of technical properties – all customizable

High resolution

Our range of fiber diameters and contrast enhancement techniques will ensure you achieve the exacting performance for your requirement.

Custom finishing

We maintain a wide array of glass cutting and finishing equipment (wire saws, CNC, grinding and polishing, and inspection systems) available to produce components made to your exact requirements.

Temperature-resilient imaging optics

Fused fiber optics maintain a continuous operating temperature of up to 250°C .

Bonding and coating technology

SCHOTT offers the technology to bond fiber optics to a wide variety of sensors, including CCD/CMOS, as well as OLED displays. Our components are also compatible with common optical coating capabilities, such as AR, hot mirror and ITO.

Faceplates/Straight Thrus


All SCHOTT Fiber Optic Faceplates are fabricated to customer-specific requirements. Typical shapes are round or rectangular, and available in a range of sizes up to 320 mm2 formats.

Fiber sizes range from 2.5 µm and up. The faceplaces can be manufactured to be vacuum tight.


Faceplate specifications

Table showing the technical specifications of SCHOTT Fiber Optic Faceplates


SCHOTT Fiber Optic Inverters are manufactured using fiber elements ranging in size from 4 to 25 µm that are fused together into a coherent imaging array, which is then heated and twisted to invert the image 180o from the input surface to the output surface.





All SCHOTT Tapers are fabricated to customer-specific requirements and can be machined into configurations from round to round, square to square, round to square or rectangular. Formats up to 75 mm in diameter and magnification ratios up to 3:1 are all available.

Our tapers can also be bonded together in arrays of linear, square or rectangular shapes, while we can also bond our fiber optics to a range of sensors. All tapers are compatible with the common optical coating capabilities of AR, Hot Mirror and ITO. 


Typical Specifications

Image Conduits

Typical specifications

Table showing the typical specifications of SCHOTT Image Conduits


Bonded Assemblies

To find out more information about the range of options and services available for SCHOTT Bonded Assemblies, please get in touch with us. 

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