Range of SCHOTT optical glass of different colors and shapes

Optical Coatings

SCHOTT possesses more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing optical coatings to serve the photonics industry. This vast experience enables us to produce a wide range of challenging and complex filters according to our customers’ needs.
Collection of glass discs of different colors

The full spectrum of optical coatings

SCHOTT employs a wide range of modern thin film coating technologies to cover the broad spectrum of industry requirements. Since we are also a leading supplier of optical filter glass, we can expand our customer options by combining filter glass and thin film technology to create uniquely customized optical components.

Glass disc with mirrored coating

Expertise and knowledge

SCHOTT Optical Coatings have a key role to play in fields as varied as aerospace and defense, as well as machine vision and imaging applications in science and medicine. With advanced technical expertise and industry knowledge, we can work with you to achieve the best possible optical coating solution for your application.

Range of optical glass of different colors and shapes

Product variants

SCHOTT offers a comprehensive spectrum of thin film coating capabilities, including specific product variants such as Anti-Scratch Hard AR, Edge and Bandpass Filters, UV Bandpass Filters, and Laser Protection Filters.

More about variants
Three clear glass discs for high power lasers
Blue disc of narrow bandpass filter glass
Brown UV bandpass filter with reflection
Three squares of filter glass with low-defect coating
Red laser protection filter with green reflection on dark background

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