Close-up of clear aspherical lens by SCHOTT on a dark background with reflection on their surfaces

Aspherical Lenses

SCHOTT was a pioneer in the development of aspherical lenses and started manufacturing aspheres in 2001. Aspheres offer greater freedom in optical design and avoid spherical aberrations, while a smaller footprint results in lighter and more compact designs that can be customized to your needs.

Single, clear aspherical lens by SCHOTT on a dark background with reflections on its surface

Excellence on any scale

SCHOTT uses CNC-Machining and Magneto Rheological Finishing (MRF-Polishing) techniques to provide high quality custom-designed aspherical lenses in any quantity, from prototypes to serial volumes.

Single, clear aspherical lens by SCHOTT on a dark background and reflection on the ground

The flexible imaging solution

Aspherical lenses suit various purposes including digital projection, laser beam shaping systems, imaging for professional cameras, astronomy and space applications. Since SCHOTT is in control of the entire value chain, our customers can take advantage of our vast expertise, customization options and materials portfolio to meet any requirements.

Take your knowledge of aspheres to new heights

Learn more about the latest optical advancements shaping the industry from aerospace, digital projection to industrial laser systems.

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