Row of high performance computers bathed in purple light

High Performance Computing

High performance computing (HPC) requires lightning-fast and highly reliable IT infrastructure to process, store and analyze massive amounts of data. SCHOTT offers a broad range of specialty materials and technologies that maximize the performance and long-term functionality of HPC components and systems.

IC Packaging

High-performance computers are now able to perform tasks ranging from autonomous driving to artificial intelligence, and integrated circuit packaging is helping to enable these advances. SCHOTT offers cutting-edge hermetic and heterogeneous packaging components and technologies that enable miniaturized high-performance IC packaging.


Increasingly powerful and small computer systems control the transmission and reception of light in complex modern electronic devices, with components from SCHOTT pivotal in that process. Our advanced products such as MEMpax® borosilicate glass, B 270® Ultra-White Glass, TO PLUS®, and SCHOTT’s Primoceler™ glass micro bonding packaging are used to protect sensitive optoelectronic devices from environmental factors that could affect their performance.