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Economic responsibility

We want to think about tomorrow today. After all, for us as a foundation company, sustainable actions and business development are firmly linked together. We want our products to make a positive contribution to society. For us, this means combining social responsibility, environmental protection and profitable growth.
A special company model
A special company model

SCHOTT AG has the legal form of a stock corporation, but is not listed on the stock exchange. The sole shareholder is the Carl Zeiss Foundation, one of the oldest corporate foundations in Germany. It is not allowed to sell shares in SCHOTT AG –bitte Leerzeichen einfügen in fact, this is stipulated in the Foundation's Statute.

This makes our ownership structure particularly stable, crisis-proof and fit for the future. In short: a sustainable company model. For our customers, this ensures security, reliable and scope for long-term partnerships.

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Our values
Our values and goals

We base our entrepreneurial thinking and actions on the goals and values of the Carl Zeiss Foundation.  

Responsible corporate governance encompasses several dimensions: ensuring that we have a sustainable economic future, assuming responsibility for our employees and the environment, social and community involvement, and promoting the sciences.

We have set ourselves four corporate values:

  • Drive innovation

  • Create value

  • Act responsibly

  • Respect each other

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Creating value with innovations
Creating value with innovations

Our company founders made it their mission to use innovations to make a lasting improvement to people‘s lives, to promote the sciences and to spur progress in many areas.  

Our experts continue this tradition. At SCHOTT, we are certain that shared responsibility can release the energy to achieve the impossible. 

As a global technology Group, we are constantly finding unique and innovative solutions to create value.  

For us, innovation always takes place in the context of society as a whole. After all, progress, efficiency and success for our customers and partners are the basic prerequisite for our own long-term economic success.

Dr. Heinricht, Chairman of the Management Board SCHOTT
Dr. Frank Heinricht, Chairman of the Management Board SCHOTT
Doing business sustainably and successfully is part of our corporate philosophy. We must act in the interests of society, also for future generations. This means to respect the finite nature of resources, human rights and morals.

Other key areas of responsibility

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