Man holding blue smart glasses with SCHOTT(R) reflective waveguide

Augmented Reality

Smart technology can now merge virtual content with a real-time view of the world. SCHOTT optical glass boosts the AR experience with high contrast and bright color, offering high surface quality and accurate geometry, while our hermetic packages protect the opto-electronic components within AR glasses.


Waveguide technologies form the backbone of smart glasses, enabling the seamless integration of digital content with the user's real-world environment. Diffractive, reflective, and holographic waveguides offer distinct approaches to guide and manipulate light. These waveguide technologies are driving the evolution of smart glasses, opening up new possibilities for enhanced productivity, entertainment, and communication in various industries.

Electronics and Lasers

SCHOTT hermetic packages reliably protect sensitive RGB laser chips and other electronic components of AR glasses. Our high-performance packaging enables high quality images, while the miniature design makes AR glasses lighter and more comfortable to wear.