Series of large Li-Ion batteries underneath five wind turbines

Energy Storage

SCHOTT components and materials enable batteries and capacitors to be more durable, powerful and efficient. As well as leak-tight battery covers and ultra-reliable battery pack fuses, our portfolio includes special glass additives that prevent the formation of hydrofluoric acid for enhanced device longevity.

Lithium Primary and Li-Ion Batteries

SCHOTT’s glass-sealed battery covers have been the technology of choice for primary lithium batteries for more than 20 years. By preventing electrolyte leakage and moisture intrusion, they offer significant performance and lifetime improvement potential, and enable simpler and more economical lithium-ion battery cell designs. For battery packs, SEFUSE® battery fuses provide reliable overcharging protection.


Over time, ultracapacitors are susceptible to electrolyte dry-out, which has a negative effect on capacity. Designed with special glass sealing technology, SCHOTT capacitor lids remain gas-tight for at least 15 years, and provide aluminium electrolyte capacitors and EDLCs with longer service lives, higher capacitance, and significant size reduction.