As a dichroic glass, NARIMA® reflects certain colors while allowing their complementary to be transmitted, depending on the angle of vision. NARIMA® also possesses high scratch resistance and chemical resistance.

A beautiful glass with practical properties

Ever-changing colors

The color effect of NARIMA® are produced by extremely thin layers of high- and low-refraction metal oxide coatings. These create vivid hues that change according to the angle they are observed from and the changing light conditions.

Tough coating

Since NARIMA® is a dip-coated glass, it’s a lot harder than sputtered glass and less vulnerable to humidity and UV radiation than foil-based designs. NARIMA® also benefits from being scratch- and chemical-resistant.

A choice of formats

A wide range of NARIMA® formats are available, including thermally toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass and insulating glass.

Weather resistant

Since NARIMA® is dip-coated, it's significantly more durable than conventionally coated glass, making it highly resistant to the weather – good news when you have an entire building covered in it.

Product range

NARIMA® Color Effect Glass is available in the following six variants:

Color Effect Glass Color changeover of coating (reflection)1 Color appearance (transmittance)
Blue-Gold3 gold blue
Blue-Green2 violet blue-green
Green3 violet light-green
May-Green2 violet green
Yellow3 blue yellow
Orange3 blue-silver orange

color reflection depends on the observation  angle
2 only available as non-tempered glass
3 can be thermally tempered














Standard NARIMA® dimensions and thicknesses

Standard sheet dimension net

  • 3,770 mm x 1,700 mm
  • 3,180 mm x 1,700 mm
  • 1,700 mm x 1,220 mm


Standard thickness

  • 4 mm as well as 6 mm with a float glass base available
  • 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm upon request


NARIMA® has a range of processing options and can be manufactured to create the following forms:

  • Laminated glass
  • Thermally toughened safety glass
  • Insulating glass
  • Insulating glass with sun protection and sound insulation

Functionality - How does NARIMA® Color Effect Glass works?

Dichroic mirror chart

Complementary colors diagram 


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