SCHOTT® LightView packages

Hermetic packaging components for augmented reality (AR) aim to transform the experience from bulky and unwieldy to sleek and effective. Specially developed for RGB lasers and MEMS mirror packages, SCHOTT® LightView miniaturizes and enhances opto-electronic performance for AR light engine systems.

The technical challenges for augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is widely accepted to be one of the most exciting technologies in development today, opening up a range of opportunities for businesses around the world. But for AR to reach its full potential, there are a number of technical challenges to overcome.

One of the main challenges is achieving a broad colour gamut and high resolution for image projection, which will drive business and consumer interest. Since AR technology will be used both inside and outside, high brightness will be required to provide effective contrast alongside the efficient coupling of light to the waveguide. Both factors have direct impacts on battery consumption.

In addition, sleek form factor is vital if consumers are to embrace and invest in the technology. However, existing packaging solutions are bulky, resulting in undesirable large form factors for end devices in many cases.

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Color resolution, brightness, and form factor are the key technical challenges for AR smart glasses

Pair of augmented reality smart glasses

Augmented reality smart glasses need to offer high brightness and a desirable form factor

SCHOTT® LightView Packages offer effective solutions for AR challenges

Miniaturized laser packaging component together with one euro coin

Miniaturized and integrated form factor

The innovative side-emitting cap and SMD base reduce the footprint of the entire light engine module. A miniaturized and integrated solution enables the laser-based light engine to meet the size requirements for the end device.

Range of high optical precision caps by SCHOTT

Exceptional opto-electronic performance

SCHOTT optical glasses, lenses, and windows are developed and processed to an extremely high quality standard for light engine systems, with customized glass window sizes and angled windows both possible. Special treatments, such as AR coatings, can be applied to achieve even higher transmission, while the flat base with flushed pins can be soldered in a typical SMD style.

Tray of hermetic packages

Superior design and volume production capability

SCHOTT is the world leader in hermetic packaging of high-volume electronics, including ignitor headers, transistor outline packages, quartz, and many others. With vast experience in glass-to-metal sealing, SCHOTT designs highly innovative, cost-effective, and scalable solutions.

The benefit of experience for augmented reality

SCHOTT has utilized its long-standing experience in glass-to-metal sealing to develop innovative packaging solutions for RGB laser chips and MEMS mirrors in augmented reality applications.

SCHOTT® RGB LightView Package

The SCHOTT® RGB LightView Package enables the adoption of laser-based light engine technologies for augmented reality and HUD applications. Hermetic encapsulation protects the sensitive RGB laser chips to enable high brightness and image resolution. Other advantages include:

  • Three-times form factor reduction compared to individual TO cans.
  • Hermetic encapsulation that increases the reliability of RGB laser chips.
  • Cost-efficient, localized joining of metal base and cap.
  • Excellent optical properties through the use of SCHOTT’s in-house optical glass.
SCHOTT_EP_AR_Laser_Package_Explosion_1920x1080px-with watermark.jpg

SCHOTT® MEMS mirror LightView Package

Offering hermetic vacuum packages for MEMS mirrors, the SCHOTT® MEMS mirror LightView Package provides a range of benefits:  

  • Wider scanning angle and lower power consumption in a vacuum environment.
  • Reduction of back reflection through angled window concept (lesser ghost images).
  • Moisture and dust protection.
  • Readily available technology for scalable production.
SCHOTT® MEMS mirror LightView Package with ruler

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