SCHOTT ColdVision Ring Light

ColdVision Fiber Optic Light Guides

SCHOTT ColdVision Fiber Optic Light Guides deliver modular fiber optic illumination for machine vision and stereo microscopy, and are the ideal match for our ColdVision Fiber Optic Light Sources. With a wide product range, they provide superior longevity thanks to robust housing and high quality materials.
A range of SCHOTT ColdVision Light Guides

Broad product portfolio

The large range of products in our ColdVision Light Guides portfolio offers the ability to create all common illumination techniques, especially when used in combination with our ColdVision Light Sources. As well as the standard range, we also manufacture a variety of specialty light guides, such as back lights, ring lights, goosenecks, and flexible bundles.

Close-up of the optical fibers of a SCHOTT ColdVision Light Guide

Top quality optical fibers

SCHOTT ColdVision Light Guides are produced using the finest quality glass optical fibers, which feature high light transmission for machine vision applications. The selected acceptance angle of the fibers also result in high incoupling efficiency, which provides a high light output for improved user experience.

SCHOTT ColdVision Dual Gooseneck Light Guide

Product variants

As optimum illumination is vital for the effectiveness of vision applications, SCHOTT provides a broad range of ColdVision Light Guides and accessories to deliver the ideal contrast for every application. From goosenecks and flexible bundles to ring lights and line lights, our Light Guides series offers the complete solution.

More about variants
SCHOTT ColdVision Dual Back Light
SCHOTT ColdVision Dual Randomized Flexible Bundle Light Guide
Combination of four SCHOTT ColdVision Line Lights
SCHOTT ColdVision Daylight Color Filter
SCHOTT ColdVision Articulated Arm

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