Glass with red liquid, rosemary, and a SCHOTT glass straw

Glass Straws

Elegant and strong, glass straws are the sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws. Whether you run a hotel, bar, restaurant or store, offering your customers a glass straw with their drink not only demonstrates your keen sense of style but also your sense of environmental responsibility.

The sustainable straw solution

With three billion plastic straws thrown away every day, sustainable alternatives for high-volume users such as the catering, hospitality and retail industries are urgently needed. Of course, there are now a number of recyclable materials that can replace plastic, such as stainless steel and paper. But since stainless steel heats quickly in hot drinks and paper softens and can distort the taste experience, they are unsuitable for the hospitality sector.

The straw for any drink in any location

SCHOTT glass straws have a host of features that makes them one of the most sustainable and stylish ways to enjoy a drink.

Personalized straws with individual engraving

Enhance your glass straws with a personal touch. With a minimum order of 250 units, we can offer individual engraving. How about having the logo of your restaurant or hotel on your unique drinking straw?


Glass with a glass straw engraved with SCHOTT

A choice of lengths to suit the drink

SCHOTT glass straws are available in a range of lengths, ideal for long drinks, tumblers, bottles, cups or simple drinking glasses. We exclusively manufacture straight straws without bends for better cleaning in lengths of 15, 20, 23 and 30 cm.

Three different-sized glasses and glass bottle with glass straws

Available in a variety of packaging quantities

We offer SCHOTT straws in practical 50-packs for your hotel, bar or restaurant. If you are a retailer, you can also bulk-buy our glass straws to re-pack in your own packaging or purchase our elegant four-packs to sell in-store.

Pack of SCHOTT glass straws for the hospitality and retail sectors

How to order

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For hotels, restaurants and bars

Would you like to provide your guests with stylish and sustainable glass straws? Place an order directly on our partner website.

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For the home

If you want to get that boutique hotel bar feeling in your own home, you can purchase our straws from our retail partners.