Series of clear glass tubes and rods

Sealing Glass Tubing and Rods

SCHOTT Sealing Glass Tubing and Rods possess a number of physical and chemical properties that make them ideal for sealing to metals, alloys and ceramics in a vast range of applications. With a global reach and deep material knowledge, SCHOTT provides sealing solutions for a wide variety of industries and sectors.
Series of clear glass tubes of different diameters

Sealing compatibility beyond the conventional

SCHOTT’s range of sealing glasses offers the potential to broaden the range of materials that glass can be bonded with. For instance, glass types 8250 and 8245 are both directly sealable to Kovar, while sealing with tungsten and ceramics is also possible. This opens up exciting possibilities in fields ranging from medical technology to the lighting industry.

Four clear graded seal  glass rods

New possibilities for graded seal glass rods

SCHOTT offers an extensive portfolio of graded seal glass rods formerly made by TRANSITION GLASS PRODUCTS LTD. (TGP), and now oversees the production process with the expertise we are globally renowned for. This further expands the range of quartz sealing glasses suitable for applications such as flash lamps manufacturing.

Four SCHOTT 8245 glass tubes

Product variants

The capabilities of SCHOTT sealing glasses continue to grow, and we offer a number of product variants defined according to their bonding compatibility with metals and alloys, as well as other glasses. In all cases, the high quality of the glass with its tight geometrical tolerances results in facile processing and enables robust sealing.

More about variants
Collection of SCHOTT 8250 glass tubes
 Four intermediate sealing glass rods
Two clear glass tubes for the manufacture of halogen lamps
Six SCHOTT 8337B glass tubes
Two intermediate sealing glass rods
Two SCHOTT 8366 glass tubes

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