Sealing Glass Tubing and Rods

SCHOTT Sealing Glass Tubes and Rods have been developed to achieve a variety of technical specifications across a number of products. High bonding versatility, transparency, and thermal shock resistance, plus favorable electric and dielectric properties meet the challenges of a range of applications.

Sealing glass with outstanding technical properties

Versatile bonding potential

SCHOTT’s range of glasses achieve tight and durable bonds with a wide variety of substances. Among our glass portfolio are products carefully engineered to produce reliable seals to metals such as tungsten and molybdenum, alloys such as Kovar, ceramics and other glasses.

Exceptional thermal resistance

One common characteristic found in many SCHOTT glasses is excellent heat resistance for high temperature environments, as well as resilience against thermal shock.

Outstanding light transmission

To ensure consistent performance in sensor- and radiation-based systems, SCHOTT Sealing Glass Tubing offers extremely high transmittance even in the UV-C range if required by the application.

Robust electronic properties

For high voltage applications, users of SCHOTT sealing glasses benefit from high electrical resistance and dielectric strength. We offer several products that boast exceptional specifications in this area.

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Find the suitable glass type for your needs via choosing chemical or physical properties. Also a selection via certain application fields could help to find the right choice in our Glass Tubing Explorer.

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