Eco Spirit for sustainability

Creating the future involves having ideas and taking responsibility. It is also about our innovations for product safety and the protection of the environment and natural resources. Sustainability is a crucial part of our innovative thinking and acting.

Responsible product development and production

The world of coatings and functional printing constantly inspires us to explore new features on glass. Added-value glass solutions can greatly contribute to sustainability, i.e. to reduce the energy consumption of appliances. All our processed flat glass products comply with the relevant environmental standards such as RoHs and REACH.

woman using a baking oven touch control panel

Sustainable solutions for glass

Our glass solutions help businesses and families achieve their sustainability goals. We put a great deal of effort into eco-friendly products and processes, including the development of new coatings.

1) Heat-reflective coatings

One of our main areas of expertise is heat-reflective coatings, which increase the energy efficiency of baking ovens while reducing the outside temperature of the outer oven door to make it safe to touch.

Cut-out view of a triple-glazed oven door
Front view of a household oven with control panel

IR reflective coatings

Highly efficient heat-reflective coatings for inner oven glasses with increased reflection of IR radiation improve energy efficiency and help to reduce the ambient temperature of the outer door glass.

Inner oven door glass

SCHOTT® Energy coatings

The SCHOTT® Energy portfolio is a range of coated glasses for the inner doors of conventional and pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens. A durable, invisible, and thin coating on the glass surface reflects heat radiation so the energy remains inside the oven.

Control panel of a pyrolytic oven

Solutions for pyrolytic ovens

For pyrolytic ovens we offer two special options: SCHOTT EnergyDouble, a double-side coated glass, and SCHOTT BOROFLOAT®, which can withstand the higher temperatures of the pyrolytic cycle.

Corners of two panels of black printed glasses

High performance enamel

We offer a high-performance enamel that allows perfect print designs on SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® inner door glasses. This enamel has industry-leading mechanical and chemical resistance, and is available in several different colors, with the possibility of a larger print area.

2) Sustainable product development

During the development process we have a strong focus on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprints of all our product solutions and processes. All materials and inks that we use in our production are free of heavy metals and conform to Reach standards.

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Focus on sustainable solutions

We systematically develop and introduce environmentally friendly products and production technologies in our factories worldwide.

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Minimal energy use and waste

We focus on minimizing the consumption of raw materials and energy, as well as the reduction of waste as outlined in our Integrated Environmental Management System (IMSU/EHS).

Stack of glass panels in different shades of gray

Sustainable materials

Our materials and inks conform to all relevant environmental standards, including special enamels for SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® for pyrolytic inner oven doors.

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