Customized Packaging for Medical

Moisture intrusion can lead to reduced performance or even complete failure of electronics. Some medical devices utilize electrical connections with glue or epoxy to create a seal. But due to their organic nature, they wear out over time, making them unsuitable for reliability-critical medical applications. In contrast, SCHOTT offers truly reliable, hermetically sealed components made with inorganic, non-aging materials – such as glass, metal, and ceramics – which offer durable seal integrity, even under extraordinarily harsh environmental surroundings.

Reliable, customized designs – that’s what we stand for

Gas-tight sealing

SCHOTT is the leader in glass-to-metal sealing technology, with unmatched expertise in manufacturing custom vacuum-tight assemblies.


The latest technological developments offered by SCHOTT Primoceler enable chip-size components smaller than 1 millimeter.

Autoclavable for thousands of cycles

Our electrical connectors have been tested to withstand more than 3,500 sterilization cycles at 134°C.

Flexible customization

Our R&D experts will work with you to enable fully customer-specific designs. The components are typically adjusted in terms of size, shape, materials, number of I/Os, and interconnects, amongst others.

Customized feedthroughs for implantable devices

  • Long-term hermeticity: < 10-8 mbar l/s
  •  Feedthroughs down to 1.5 mm diameter
Configuration / customization options*
  •  Fully Customizable - size, shape, material options, interconnections, plating, etc.
  • In-house expertise covering all essential and quality-critical processes of the value chain:
    • Technical design support
    • In-house glass supply for sealing: SCHOTT is a leading expert in specialty glass and glass formulations
    • Metal selection and processing, e.g. medical-grade materials, such as titanium, platinum 
    • Electroplating / Coating, e.g. nickel, nickel-gold, nickel-silver and customized plating processes

* Depending on technology and package design. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

Ultra-miniature packaging for implants

ULTRA MINIATURE PACKAGING FOR IMPLANTS Technical Features of Glass Micro Bonding technology by SCHOTT Primoceler Oy 
  • Room-temperature process: even extremely heat-sensitive devices can be encapsulated 
  • No adhesive or additive material required
  • Ultra-reliable: No adhesives, no outgassing
  • High hermeticity up to 10-11mbar l/s
  • Ultra-miniature: Primoceler Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packages enable ultra-miniature packages in sub-millimeter size. 
  • Highly efficient: reliability and miniaturization lead to a high yield with more devices per wafer. The fast one-step process also uses no consumables. 

* Depending on technology and package design. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

Autoclavable connectors

  • Autoclavability: Successfully tested after > 3,500 steam sterilization cycles (2 bar, 134°C)
  • Proven functionality for disinfection with alkaline solutions (55°C; 5 min)
  • Long-term hermeticity: Typically< 1 x 10-8 mbar x l/s
Temperature Stability*
  • Temperature resistance: typically > 250°C
  • Thermal shock stability; typically -65°C to 150°C for 15 cycles
  • High thermally conductive materials available
Electric insulation* Up to 10 GΩ
Dimensions* From ~2mm to 30 mm diameter (other sizes upon request)
Configuration / customization options*
  • Large variety of material composition, designs, and dimensions possible
  • Materials: Inorganic, non-aging materials, e.g. stainless steel, Inconel, hard Au-plated contacts
  • Contact configurations:
    • High power pins, small signal contacts
    • RF ports; multi-pin connectors or high speed data ports allow for example high definition (HD) video port connections
    • Keys and/or locking features, e.g. Bayonet or threads
    • Male / female contacts
    • Connectors can also incorporate high-precision optical interfaces, such as windows or lenses
    • Simulations and quality testing e.g. high frequency simulations
* Depending on technology and package design. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

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Julia Hütsch

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