SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass is trusted by major galleries all over the world to protect their collections with brilliant clarity – from priceless historical treasures to works of art by the world’s greatest artists, from Picasso to Klimt.
SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing used for pictures in a corporate meeting room

Public exhibitions and private collections

Art gallery owners fight a constant battle to balance room and picture lighting requirements against reflection that spoils the view of visitors. MIROGARD® glass helps both art galleries and owners of private and corporate collections present their masterpieces in the best possible light.

SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing used in a gallery to protect and display images

Loans to art shows

For collection owners there is always a risk of lending works to exhibitions as transport, storage in unfamiliar facilities, and mounting can cause damage. But MIROGARD® glass offers peace of mind as protective coatings strengthen it against abrasion, sharp scratches and chemicals.

SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective picture glazing used to protect ancient manuscripts in a museum

Preserving manuscripts

Ancient books and manuscripts are particularly vulnerable to ultraviolet light, which can make their ink and colors fade. SCHOTT MIROGARD® anti-reflective glass is treated with an advanced optical interference coating that protects paper against the harmful effects of UV.

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