Glasses for Gas Hobs and Extractor Hoods
Two burner glass gas hob with silver SCHOTT® MetalLook finish

Glasses for Gas Hobs and Extractor Hoods

Gas hobs are the popular choice for modern cooking. Fusing style with function, glass offers a high-end look with a multitude of color and finish options, as well as a long-lasting appearance since glass is less prone to scratches than metal. Glass elements in extractor hoods also add design and flair to the whole cooking area.
Stack of SCHOTT printed glass hob tops with four holes

Versatile looks, high-end finish

Glass adds a touch of class to gas hobs and hoods, offering a range of design options. Whether it’s matte, metallic or mirrored, multi-colored or sleek black, glass draws a gas hob into a modern kitchen esthetic. Different shapes, sizes and edges provide further possibilities, while our latest decoration options enable family designs and even haptic experiences.

Ball drop test on a glass hob top to test its mechanical impact resistance

Safety and durability meet innovative design

Safety and durability are key for appliances such as gas hobs and extractor hoods. SCHOTT specializes in security glass and meets all relevant international standards (EN, UL, RoHs, Reach). But strength and safety don’t rule out innovative features such as display functionality.

Four burner gas hob made with printed SCHOTT glass

Product variants

SCHOTT’s flat glasses offer a wealth of design choice for gas hobs and extractor hoods, including a wide range of highly precise processing and multi-color printing options. Products can be brought into a matching appliance family line, while color effects for displays, color filters and diffusors, as well as haptic guidance options are also available.

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An extractor hood made using SCHOTT glass with a SCHOTT® MetalLook finish

We are certified

All our flat glass panels are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards. In addition, our glasses conform to all relevant RoHs and REACH specifications.

Glass oven door with abstract wave pattern
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Finger touching a black panel touch control

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