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Our housing solutions are suitable for a variety of wearables, including healthcare devices, smartwatches, and smart earbuds. Enabling highly accurate measurements, a glass-to-metal or glass-to-ceramic sealed housing is more waterproof than a plastic case, so can be used in corrosive environments such as underwater.
Nurse helping a patient using wearables to monitor physical condition

Wearable medical devices

The healthcare industry is being transformed by wearable medical devices, with fitness trackers able to detect steps, heart rate, and calories burned. In clinical medicine, wearable devices can collect, analyze, and transmit personal health data, enabling doctors to monitor a patient’s condition in real time. SCHOTT’s wearable housing components can reduce signal noise and improve optical signal transmission, helping wearable devices meet demanding medical requirements. These components also enable high potentials in new features, such as GSR (galvanic skin response), ECG (electrocardiography) and body temperature measurement.

Man looking at his smartwatch in darkness

Smartwatches and sports bracelets

People are increasingly wearing smartwatches or smart bracelets when exercising, and for specialty sports such as mountaineering and diving, smart wearable devices can sense the surrounding environment and help athletes monitor their physical condition. Our wearable housing components are waterproof and sweat resistant, making them ideal for a wide range of sports devices.

Bearded man wearing bluetooth earbud

Smart earbuds and hearables

Today, smart hearables are commonly used for hearing aids, wireless audio transmission, medical monitoring, fitness tracking, and other applications that give the user entirely new experiences not possible with traditional headsets But while the small size of hearables can be a challenge for designers, the thin profile of SCHOTT wearable housing components leave space for components and batteries.

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