Series of SCHOTT glass tubes used as an artistic installation

Design Inspiration

The creative use of glass has the power to transform a room or an entire building, especially when combined with lighting and interior design expertise. With SCHOTT’s range of products and technological invention, the potential can be limitless.


Stylish glass partition walls can really bring office spaces and commercial premises to life, creating a strong sense of esthetic identity. Whether smooth or profiled, they can also incorporate illuminating elements to add a real wow factor. Meanwhile, SCHOTT's CONTURAX® and DURAN® ranges of glass tubing are versatile enough to create eye-catching partition designs.

Art installations

As one of the world’s leading glass tubing manufacturers, SCHOTT offers the variety and esthetic appeal to inspire artists as they seek to create awe-inspiring and thought-provoking pieces. Particularly popular are the CONTURAX® and DURAN® ranges of glass tubing, profiles and rods, whose versatility makes them suitable for both interior and exterior installations.


The artistic potential of creative lighting design can be fulfilled by the inventive use of glass. Products such as CONTURAX® profiled tubes and rods, DURAN® glass tubing and our fiber optic and LED lighting solutions offer the range of capabilities that spark the imaginations of designers, helping them to create bespoke lighting that produces a genuine visual spectacle.


The SCHOTT ROBAX® Architecture Line offers style and safety for installers and designers of private rooms, hotels, restaurants, and other public places. These stunning glass-ceramic fire-viewing panels are available in a defined portfolio of standard geometries, which comprises large angular bent ROBAX® glass-ceramic panels, with one or two angles, as well as five curved models. The wide choice of standard geometries makes the decision-making process simple, and enables you to order small quantities at a reasonable price.