Line of industrial computer systems and communication networks

Semiconductor & Datacom

The role of datacoms and electronics in our lives grows daily, and few companies are better equipped to offer such a wide range of innovative components than SCHOTT. Our products are found in some of the tiniest components in the modern electronics arena, but they perform some of its most crucial tasks.
Two scientists working in a laboratory looking at mirror discs


Ever smaller and more powerful, the development of micro-electrical mechanical systems demands equally innovative protection solutions. SCHOTT’s versatile products are leading the way for effective packaging of these complex components.

View of the Earth from space with different light areas

Data and Telecommunication

SCHOTT's high precision materials and components offer ultra-reliable and lightning-fast innovations.

Circuit board with a range of microchips

Electronic Integration

With devices getting smaller and more compact, effective packaging and integration of components and technologies is imperative. SCHOTT is leading the way in providing glass and advanced optic innovations to enable this.

Row of high performance computers bathed in purple light

High Performance Computing

Devices may be shrinking but the systems that drive them are getting more powerful. SCHOTT stays one step ahead...

Scientist inspecting a large glass wafer


The use of ultra-thin glass substrates and wafer-level chip scale hermetic packaging technologies are just some of SCHOTT’s areas of expertise, and we have a huge range of innovations to offer the industry.

Illustration of light being focused on a component in lithography process


SCHOTT products are present in a huge range of lithography applications, with our expert understanding of light and advanced optics putting us in a strong position to lead the industry forward in this field.