Rows of electrical pylons with sunset background

Energy Generation and Transportation

As the demand for energy increases, so does the need for more efficient and cost-effective technologies. SCHOTT has a global reputation for components and materials that deliver reliability and safety, reducing the cost of ownership and enhancing the performance of energy production and transportation systems.

Nuclear Power

SCHOTT's glass-sealed electrical penetration assemblies (EPAs) are small, safety-critical components that provide a leak-tight pass-through for power, control and instrumentation cables into the containment. With decades of proven maintenance-free performance, SCHOTT Eternaloc® EPAs deliver the dual benefit of increased safety and reduced total cost of ownership in nuclear power applications. We also supply a range of specialist glass for the reliable encapsulation of nuclear waste.

HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current Transmission)

Providing the efficient transfer of current over large distances, HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current Transmission) enables the efficient transport of electrical current over large distances. SCHOTT has developed high voltage-resistant fiber optic solutions to trigger and monitor processes in valve structures.

Solar Power Plant

SCHOTT has been active in a number of areas of solar technology, such as Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), for a number of years, providing glass technology and expertise for major solar power projects around the world. We continue to play a central role in advancing this increasingly important area, and products such as SCHOTT 8800R and DURAN® are widely used in a number of major global solar energy projects.

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

Cooling natural gas to -160°C turns it into a liquid, reducing its volume hundred-fold to enable highly efficient storage and transportation. The submersible pumps needed to load and unload LNG are equipped with ultra-robust Eternaloc® terminal headers. Hermetic glass sealing has made these safety-critical components the most proven and trusted choice in onshore, offshore and small-scale LNG fueling applications.

Oil and Gas

Deep underground and in the depths of the ocean, oil and gas equipment is exposed to extreme operating environments, with pressure levels as high as 35,000 PSI and temperatures up to 205°C. Electronics in these environments must not only survive, but remain effective with flawless function. UItra-robust, glass-sealed Eternaloc® connectors and feedthroughs support the safe transmission of electrical power and valuable data in these High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) conditions.


Hydrogen is a superior coolant and widely used in large power generators, but since it’s highly flammable and explosive, safety aspects are critical. To maintain the purity and pressure of the hydrogen, the generator must be hermetically sealed. SCHOTT's leak-tight Eternaloc® leadthrough plates have been used for decades to feed power and signals into and out of gas-cooled generators, making a significant contribution to efficiency, safety and equipment reliability.

Solid Oxide Cells (SOEC/SOFC)

Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOECs) efficiently convert electrical power into high purity gases, e.g. hydrogen, while Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) convert chemical energy from fuels into electrical power. In both applications, the cell materials are subject to high temperatures of 650 – 950°C. SCHOTT is a leading supplier of specialty sealing glasses that reliably prevent the uncontrolled exchange of gas, enabling high efficiency and a long lifetime of these vital cells.


Hydrogen is considered a main contributor to achieving decarbonization – especially in sectors and applications that are difficult to electrify (e.g. chemicals and steel production, long-haul trucking and shipping). However, hydrogen applications face very challenging conditions that include extreme temperatures, high pressure, and explosion risk. SCHOTT offers a broad portfolio of hermetic components and sealing materials to help enable the safe use of Hydrogen energy.