EasyLED Microscopy Illumination

Light sources with easy handling are vital in stereo microscopy, especially in work such as routine inspections, where highly accurate and reliable results are essential. Different applications require different lighting systems, and our EasyLED series offers the ideal solution for all common tasks.
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Laboratory and diagnostics

Stereo microscopes are the workhorses of Laboratory and Diagnostics applications, with the precise delivery of light key to achieving accurate results. Customers around the globe rely on SCHOTT’s extensive range of microscopy illumination products, as well as its collection of accessories. Whether for basic sample preparation or more complex tasks, our EasyLED series is the ideal lighting solution.

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Industrial applications

Stereo microscopes are widely used across all areas of industry, for material science analysis as well as industrial inspection. The one constant requirement is robust and efficient illumination that can contrast an object’s surface to enable informative investigation and optical documentation. The better the object is illuminated, the more details become visible.

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The EasyLED series is ideal for education, combining highly adaptable products, simple-to-use technology, and low total cost of ownership. Institutions all over the world, teaching adults and children at all levels, rely on high quality equipment to ensure they provide the very best education to achieve the very best results.

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Forensic science

Stereo microscopes are used in all areas of forensic science, providing vital data, evidence and insight in an increasingly important aspect of police and academic work. SCHOTT’s EasyLED series of microscopy lighting has the right levels of brightness, flexibility and ease of use required to illuminate the tiniest detail that could make or break a criminal case.

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