Illustration of light being focused on a component in lithography process


Lithography is a key process in the manufacture of a vast range of electronic components, from LCD micro- and nanochips to LED or OLED structures in high definition displays. Products such as ZERODUR® glass-ceramic are ideal for lithography thanks to their high precision provided by extremely low thermal expansion.
SCHOTT ZERODUR® glass-ceramic provides precision for display lithography

Display Lithography

Flat Panel Display (FPD) lithography helps to create the intricate pixel displays seen on OLED screens, tablets, PCs and smartphones, and SCHOTT has an important role in the production of these displays. ZERODUR® glass-ceramic, for instance, is a common element since it delivers outstanding precision in high-tech applications where geometrical shape and distance variations due to temperature fluctuations must be minimized.

SCHOTT ZERODUR® offers precise positioning for microchip production

IC Lithography

With an expansion coefficient of almost zero, SCHOTT ZERODUR® is ideal for photolithographic structuring, the key process in the production of integrated circuits on a micro- or nanochip. Here, precise positioning of the wafers is crucial and ZERODUR® glass-ceramic has been the industry's material of choice for decades.

Light Guides

The key quality of lithography equipment is the rapid, precise and repeatable positioning of components, which SCHOTT flexible light guides are ideal for. Our guides can direct light from any chosen point, from a single, customized fiber or compact fiber bundles tailored to your exact requirements. We also specialize in different types of sheathing to protect fibers against the various mechanical and environmental challenges that might affect their operation.