Range of displays and controls for navigation and observation

Sensors and Electronics

In the field of security and defense, sensors and electronics have a vital job to do. When security is involved, there are no margins for error, and SCHOTT components offer high levels of precision, reliability and quality for surveillance, power supply, communication and monitoring systems. 

Surveillance and Radar

SCHOTT glass materials and packaging components maximize the potential of surveillance and radar operations in the defense and security fields. Our portfolio of active and passive laser glasses are designed for use in high-power, high-energy devices, while our expansive range of hermetic microelectronic packages offer robust protection for sensitive electronic components in electronically scanned radar transmissions, IR detection and high-temperature sensors.

Power Supply

Systems and components in defense applications have to combine ruggedness and compactness with exceptional mission reliability, even when they distribute power with battery support. SCHOTT offers a broad range of high-performance materials and components for dependable power supply when it’s needed most, meeting all required military specification standards. This improves the longevity and reliability of systems such as battery-powered supply units or DC/DC converters, even in extremely harsh environments.

Data and Communication

Some of the most advanced data communication, radar and microwave applications used in 21st century security and defense applications rely on innovative glass materials and powerful, high-speed components from SCHOTT. Our products are used to protect high-frequency systems, offering robust protection to reliably keep data and signals flowing when the stakes are high.

Connectors and Feedthroughs

Electronic components in the defense industry require uncompromising standards of durability and reliability. SCHOTT’s glass-sealed covers provide uncompromised reliability for mission-critical thermal batteries, while our military-grade connectors and feedthroughs are designed to suit rugged applications such as pressure sensors, transducers and piezo electronics, as well as safety countermeasure flares.


Aerospace applications place challenging demands on sensors and electronics, and the need for uncompromising reliability in harsh environments is absolutely critical. The need for systems with high power density and miniaturization also means that heat dissipation is taking a lead role. SCHOTT has been a trusted partner to the aerospace industry for decades, with high-quality glass materials and components meeting the highest lifetime expectation to enable performance improvements for mission-critical space electronics.

Measurement and Monitoring

Laser technology is vital for the accurate assessment of hazardous or inaccessible locations. But to work effectively, the technology relies on the type of high quality laser glasses that SCHOTT specializes in. We offer exceptionally high homogeneity glass suitable for high-power laser metrology, as well as microelectronic packages that facilitate the reliable, long-term functionality of laser warning receivers.


The security and defense industry operates hundreds of nuclear-powered submarines across the world, all designed to remain at sea for long periods. Space limitations, fire mitigation, and radiation leakage protection are just some of the challenges that affect the design of their electronic systems. SCHOTT provides vital components that enable electricity and data signals to be carried safely to and from the reactor, while our Eternaloc® bulkhead penetrations play a critical role in preventing steam, pressure and radioactivity from escaping.

Microelectronic Packages

Security and defense are demanding ever more miniaturized, lightweight and discreet electronic devices, which depend on smaller and smaller components to deliver rapid data transmission. These delicate but mission-critical components require uncompromising protection from impact and the environment. As a decades-long supplier to the industry, SCHOTT manufactures products that meet the highest performance and lifetime expectations, even in working environments with extreme pressure, vibrations and temperatures.