Hands holding a glass slide in a research laboratory

Laboratory and Diagnostics

Since the company was formed over a century ago, SCHOTT has prided itself on working with leading medical and scientific companies to facilitate major breakthroughs in research and diagnostics. Our products continue to play a valuable role across the global diagnostics industry.

Diagnostic and life science services

We partner with diagnostic and life science research firms, offering rapid and efficient design, development, and manufacturing of IVD consumables. Our integrated approach ensures streamlined processes from concept to commercialization, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and scalable production capabilities for the highest possible quality.

Diagnostic and life science consumables

We possess a broad range of skills in the development of diagnostic and life science consumables, including expertise in glass structuring and coatings, microarray and microfluidic design, and injection molding.


SCHOTT has provided optical glass for stereo microscopes since their invention in the late 19th century, and we still set a high standard. Light is important for microscopy and makes hidden details visible. Our broad range of high resolution, low-autofluorescence microscopy solutions, from fiber optic to LED, to create the right solution for every application. Our D263® glass products offer high luminous transmittance and an excellent colorless appearance, making them the ideal choice for microscope slides.


Lab-on-a-Chip technology promises to make the automation of laboratory analysis more efficient than ever, and SCHOTT’s expertise at producing extremely thin and miniaturized glass components and hermetic packages always gives us an edge on our competitors. SCHOTT MINIFAB's NEXTERION® products offer customized solutions that combine our wide range of competencies, such as coatings, markings and structures to offer application-focused ready-to-use biochips.

Glass Tubes for Labs

SCHOTT is a global leader in the production of top-quality tubing glass. DURAN® glass is particularly well-suited to laboratories thanks to its high corrosion resistance, high thermal shock resistance and wide dimensional spectrum. Outstanding geometrical accuracy makes it ideal for measuring cylinders and other volumetric apparatus as well as KIMAX® drainline systems. We can also manufacture a large range of sizes at your request, helping you to identify which product best suits your needs.


When it comes to clinical diagnoses, light is key to prediction accuracy and making progress in analytical quality. SCHOTT’s flexible light guides in combination with customizable light sources guarantee accurate analysis down to the last detail. Our award-winning eco-friendly PURAVIS® family of glass optical fibers also offers key benefits when used for spectroscopy.


SCHOTT laboratory and diagnostics products have a significant presence in a vast range of research projects around the world. Those projects include using steep edge filters for fluorescence detection and NIR cutoff filters for color correction in laser metrology. SCHOTT MINIFAB NEXTERION® substrates are also used in various research applications such as microarrays, Organ-on-a-chip and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, which enables the sequencing of millions of DNA molecules.