The foldable glass revolution!

The foldable glass revolution!

Xensation® FlexOne

Ultra-thin glass Xensation® FlexOne for foldable cover solutions 

At the limit of what is physically possible! SCHOTT has managed to make the most flexible glass on earth that is produced in a melting process. Researchers from the technology group have succeeded in achieving a very small bending radius of 1 mm with SCHOTT’s ultra-thin glass (UTG), at a thickness below 75 μm. This is impressive proof that Xensation® FlexOne is a perfect fit for foldable devices.


Foldable displays require glass that is flexible, strong and chemically toughenable. SCHOTT meets these requirements with its UTG type Xensation® FlexOne. A chemically toughened aluminosilicate glass that is available in mass production thanks to a down-draw manufacturing process that has been constantly improved by SCHOTT for more than 25 years.

Key Benefits

Enabler of high quality foldable devices with premium surface.

SCHOTT Xensation® FlexOne advantages:
  • high flexibility
  • small bending radius
  • developed for chemical toughening
  • excellent transparency and transmission
  • fire-polished premium surface

Product Details

Xensation® FlexOne is a directly hot-formed ultrathin aluminosilicate glass with excellent ion-exchange performance. After toughening, it offers a high level of bending strength and an outstanding resistance to scratches. With a thickness below 75 μm, Xensation® FlexOne is produced by a draw-down process that does not require additional slimming and results in very high surface quality.
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