Front view of a luxury vehicle with headlights on


SCHOTT has been a driving force in the automotive industry since the first vehicles were produced, delivering billions of cost-effective components with superior quality and stability. Whether setting new standards in packaging, lighting or safety, our versatile range delivers an outstanding experience.
Black sports car with blue striped wheel alloys


As a leading global supplier of glass and glass-related automotive lighting materials and components, SCHOTT creates interior and exterior lighting solutions that combine innovation, durability and reliability.

Dashboard and steering wheel of a vehicle fitted with glass displays, touchscreens and lighting

Design and Glazing

High-tech glass compounds and fiber optics are creating a unique and memorable in-car ambience, indulging the driver's senses and opening the doors to new possibilities for automotive designers.

Brown interior of a luxury vehicle with dashboard, steering column and gear stick

Sensors and Electronics

Sensors and electronics are vital components of modern vehicles, but they are extremely sensitive. When they need to function in harsh environments or deliver long-term performance, our range of components provide the solution.

Small baby in a child seat in the back of a luxury vehicle

Safety and Foresight

No chances can be taken with safety in the automotive industry, and SCHOTT offers a variety of components for safety devices, sensors and information systems that increase driver awareness and improve safety in an accident situation.

Passenger reading a book in an autonomous vehicle

Autonomous Driving

In the age of self-driving cars, the reliability of the LiDAR and Radar systems will be crucial for mass-market adoption, and SCHOTT’s hermetic packaging, as well as BOROFLOAT® glass, will have important roles.

Electric vehicle charger fitted to vehicle input plug


SCHOTT supports the exciting development of e-mobility by producing a wide range of components that provide significant improvements in efficiency, reductions in system costs or an increase in passenger comfort and convenience.

Interior of a vehicle showing the dashboard outlined in blue contour light

Communication Systems

Modern vehicles are now communication hubs on wheels, and SCHOTT have the technical expertise and industry knowledge to create specialty glass solutions for technology such as touchscreens and head-up displays.