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The FIOLAX® ACADEMY represents first-hand knowledge and education in the field of glass for pharmaceutical packaging along the complete value chain. State-of-the-art science and technology brought to you by experts in the field.

What we do

We are committed to the highest quality and diligence along the value chain – a distinct attitude that’s reflected in every piece of education we offer.
Discover the FIOLAX® ACADEMY - first hand glass expertise for pharma professionals.

What our customer´s say

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The FIOLAX® ACADEMY from SCHOTT helped the Chinese pharma industry a lot to understand the industry requirements and technical specifications for excellent glass for pharmaceutical primary packaging. I really recommend this seminar to more Chinese players to get a profound understanding of the glass materials and possible drug container interactions.
Hong Cai
Chairman of CNPPA
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The FIOLAX® ACADEMY gave us excellent input to understand glass component behavior and possible weaknesses when it comes to root cause analyses. I can highly recommend this training to everyone dealing with glass - I even call myself one of the biggest fan. Thanks to the collaboration between SCHOTT and Favima more than 150 professionals of six different countries have been able to attend the sessions.
Eduardo Simonsohn
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Klass Pack Ltd., India

With drugs getting more and more sensitive, the demands on pharmaceutical glass packaging are increasing. To overcome these new challenges, knowledge sharing like it is done with the FIOLAX® ACADEMY is a beneficial and value-adding approach. Combined with networking, the event was a great success!
Prashant Amin
Managing Director
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ISO-Gesellschaft für Arzneiverpackungen mbH, Germany

The FIOLAX® ACADEMY helped me to get a deeper insight into the characteristics of glass and their effects on subsequent processes. Especially in quality-related areas this is of special importance. I already was able to apply my newly acquired knowledge especially in customer support or risk assessments.
Ulrike Dittmar
Quality Systems Manager
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PHARMA GLAS Koniakowsky & Kuehr GmbH, Austria

After my change to the pharmaceutical glass packaging industry, the FIOLAX® ACADEMY was a really good support to get a comprehensive overview of the topic. Everything was explained very clearly – without lacking the details. This training definitely enhanced my fascination towards glass and especially quality!
Manuel Schindele

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With over 10 years of experience in glass education, training more than 5,000 participants at over 300 FIOLAX® ACADEMY events in 50-plus countries, we can tailor an educational program to your exact needs.

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Training options

A modular content approach enables us to deliver the right training to the right people at the right place for unrestricted learning success.

We offer a range of educational options:

  • Training offered at SCHOTT’s premises
  • Training offered at your company’s premises
  • Training involving your company only
  • Training with your clients included
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Who’s who

FIOLAX® ACADEMY Teaching Staff
Folker is a renowned scientific consultant for the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry. Since 2008 he has been sharing his deep glass industry experience at more than 100 trainings worldwide. He also loves Chinese cuisine and historical racing motorcycles.
Dr. Folker Steden
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Who’s who

FIOLAX Academy Teaching Staff
As a respected scientific consultant for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, Claudia has five years of glass experience and specializes in primary packaging. She has taught at 38 events and is also a PDA member. Claudia adores nordic thrillers and enjoys upper palatinate 'Zoigl' culture.
Dr. Claudia Heinl
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Who’s who

FIOLAX Academy Teaching Staff
Our new Team member Marius has several years of professional experience in the glass industry as well as in the fields of QM as a certified EOQ Quality Manager and GMP. In his spare time, Marius loves to cook or to go hiking or cycling in the nature.
Marius Amschler
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Who’s who

Anja is a FIOLAX® ACADEMY Assistant and works hard to ensure that every event goes smoothly. She loves reading good novels and exploring our beautiful world by travelling.
Anja Roch

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With over 10 years of experience in glass education, training more than 5,000 participants at over 300 FIOLAX® ACADEMY events in 50-plus countries, we can tailor an educational program to your exact needs.

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