Hand holding a smartphone next to a laptop on a desk

Consumer Electronics

In a competitive market, SCHOTT believes that constant innovation is vital. So we continue to work hard to develop new products and customizable solutions for customers who are demanding high performance and reliability to pass onto the consumer, as well as style-conscious esthetics.
Smartwatch with an orange strap on top of a silver laptop computer

Mobile Devices and Wearables

Technology is upgrading at a fast pace. SCHOTT offers reliable solutions from cover glass to battery protection.

Man holding blue smart glasses with SCHOTT(R) reflective waveguide

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is brought to life with the cutting-edge SCHOTT RealView® glass wafers. Whether used in smart glasses or head-mounted devices, the high refractive index lenses provide excellent Field of View.

Close up of a projector lens with reflected colors

Imaging and Projection

SCHOTT glass products help deliver stunning images and color in TV and digital projection displays, and offer lightweight components for cameras and mobile electronic imaging devices.

Modern kitchen with a range of appliances looking out onto a garden

Home and Electrical Appliances

SCHOTT's glass and glass-ceramic solutions combine outstanding performance and perfect design.