Close up detail of windows in a historical building restored with SCHOTT restoration glass


SCHOTT’s understanding of historical glass and manufacture methods allows us to offer bespoke services to restoration projects. Combining precise attention to detail with 21st-century safety and reliability standards, our unique glazing protects and preserves landmark buildings and cultural assets worldwide.

18th and 19th Century Glass

SCHOTT RESTOVER® closely resembles blown glass made in the early 1900s. With minimal thickness, it's easy to install as elegantly as the skilled artisans did two centuries ago. Elsewhere in our range, GOETHEGLAS is manufactured using the original process, creating the same irregular surfaces and unique character found in 18th and 19th century buildings.

Glass for Bauhaus style

The SCHOTT TIKANA® glass range is particularly well-suited to the unique style of Bauhaus architecture from the classical modern period. While featuring the same slightly irregular surface found in the original glazing materials, TIKANA® also meets contemporary needs for noise and light control, as well as thermal and security considerations.