Series of optical components of different shapes and sizes on a blue background

Optical Components

In the rapidly developing field of optical components, SCHOTT is leading further expansion. Our quality and innovation enable the growth of key technologies such as laser machining, laser treatment in medicine, automotive technology, digital projection and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Diagram of a digital projector showing its key optical components

Solutions for every application

SCHOTT can leverage its prominent presence in numerous industries to develop customized solutions for a broad range of applications, including lithography, astronomy, opto-electronics, digital projection, augmented reality, life sciences, the automotive and aviation sectors. A portfolio of more than 120 optical glasses offers limitless potential.

Two clear glass triangular prisms on a gray background

Unique materials for glass prisms

SCHOTT consistently sets new standards for optical components, and prisms are a key area in which our products offer a clear USP. With a deep knowledge of glass, we can make prisms from non-standard materials with exceptionally high homogeneity (up to H4 level). This results in even better image quality and higher performance.

Three glass prisms of different shapes

Product variants

SCHOTT Advanced Optics has a vast range of lenses, aspheres, prisms, substrates and wafers in its portfolio, using its global network of experts to deliver high precision optical solutions. With command over the entire value chain, we offer full application support to all customers.

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Single clear aspherical lens on a gray background
Clear spherical lens and lens assembly for camera system on grey background
Plano optics of different shapes and sizes on a blue background
Diagram of a series of optical glass wafers

We are certified

SCHOTT is both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. The production of our optical components is constantly monitored at all stages, and they also comply with EU-RoHS and EU-REACH standards.

Living cell depicted with a super-resolution microscope.
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