Optical Components

Advanced optics play an increasingly important role in modern technologies such as digital projection, automotive manufacturing, science and healthcare. The SCHOTT Optical Components family enables the development of these exciting applications – both now and into the future.
Digital projector in a dark room transmitting an image

Digital projection

Aspherical lenses deliver consistent high-resolution imaging for a variety of digital projection technologies. Large aspheres are vital for digital cinema or outdoor projection, as well as modern, ultra-short throw projectors. SCHOTT’s long-established expertise in all types of asphere-based imaging makes us the ideal partner for this application, with the tight alignment tolerances our products achieve ensuring outstanding performance.

Man looking through a pair of high-powered binoculars on a lake

Sport optics

Rifle scopes, range finders and binoculars rely on highly accurate glass prism systems to twist the image entering the device. SCHOTT sets new standards in sport optic applications, such as high-end binoculars that use SCHOTT HT (high transmittance) glass. This exceptional material achieves higher transmission.

Close up of laser cutting equipment in an industrial factory

Laser cutting and welding

Modern methods of automotive production increasingly rely on laser technology, and SCHOTT aspherical lenses play a vital role. Laser welding can join multiple parts together quickly, efficiently and economically. For this application, SCHOTT offers highly customized aspheres with tight tolerances enabled by close customer collaboration and cooperation.

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