SCHOTT® SingleEZ glass fiber illumination offers a cost-effective solution for single-use endoscopy, combining improved heat management, minimal diameters and increased light quality. All components in the SingleEZ collection are modular, creating a simple lighting solution for high volume production.
Diagram of SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide, showing the transfer of light

Single-use glass fiber illumination made easy

SCHOTT® SingleEZ can be installed easily, taken out of the packaging and inserted into an endoscopic device with no specific knowledge or experience in fiber optics required. This enables rapid, high-volume manufacturing with a lower cost.

Diagram of the cross-section of a SCHOTT® SingleEZ glass fiber

Image quality increased

Accurate diagnoses rely on precise imaging, and the increased color spectrum delivered by SCHOTT® SingleEZ makes a significant contribution to image quality. In addition, shadows are eradicated by an ideal match of illumination cone and camera viewing angle, while the customizable output geometry reduces hot spots.

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We are certified

SCHOTT offers a wide range of high quality products and services along a number of tight regulatory directives to meet your full requirements as a medical devices manufacturer.

Karen Holst, Senior Product Manager for Medical at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging, holding a bunch of PURAVIS® glass optical fibers
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