Glass slide examined by microscope with green and red light


SCHOTT’s experience in developing optical solutions for medicine and biophotonics backs up our desire to keep evolving and facilitating new glass technologies. From hermetic LEDs for medical applications to light sources for microscopy, our products have a broad range of uses in a wide array of fields.


SCHOTT's advanced optics continues to break new ground in medicine, whether it’s producing high-quality lenses for microscopes or light guides for dentistry. Our fully hermetic Solidur® LEDs are ideally suited to medical and dental use – fields in which miniaturized size and the autoclavability of devices are vital. Meanwhile, our flexible light guides provide homogenous light for a range of medical applications where high visibility is key.

Analytics and Diagnostics

SCHOTT offers a wide range of advanced optical solutions to achieve more reliable and precise diagnostic results. For instance, customized LED sources and fiber optic light guides made with SCHOTT’s innovative PURAVIS® high-performance lead-free fibers deliver constant, stable and long-lasting light intensity. In addition, our FLEXINITY® range of high-precision ultra-thin structured glass wafers was developed to serve the trend for miniaturization in diagnostics and other fields.


Over the last 135 years, SCHOTT has built a huge portfolio of optical glasses to serve the needs of consumers and industry. The focus is now on working with industry to facilitate and optimize technological innovations, and with high transmission glasses and environmentally friendly 'N'-glasses among our range, we have the versatility to work with any type of industry.


SCHOTT is at the forefront of improving the glass technology available in the area of microscopy, in particular, the illumination solutions delivered by our KL product line for stereo microscopy. Our KL Series is an extensive range of LED and halogen light sources, fiber optic light guides and accessories that are designed to work together to offer a holistic one-stop shop solution for stereo microscopy illumination.