Exterior of an office building glazed with fire-resistant glass

Fire and Safety

Reliability and durability are characteristics shared by SCHOTT’s thousands of products, but while that’s a bonus for some applications, it’s essential where fire and safety are concerned. SCHOTT’s ability to provide standard as well as customized products is the cornerstone of this vital, life-saving area.

Fire-resistant Classification E

SCHOTT PYRAN® is one of the market leaders in fire-resistant glazing thanks to its combination of high resistance to fire, hot gases and smoke, and stylish appearance. A popular choice for airports, hotels and shopping malls, it retains its transparency and stability, even under high thermal loads, which is vital to make evacuation quicker and safer.

Fire-resistant Classification EW

The EW classification of fire resistance guarantees the integrity of the glass when under extreme pressure from fire, hot gases and smoke, as well as life-saving protection against heat radiation. SCHOTT PYRAN® and PYRANOVA® glass both conform to the EW standard of fire resistance, providing our customers with a wide choice of interior and exterior applications.

Fire-resistant Classification EI

Fire-resistant glass with the EI classification provides additional thermal insulation alongside protection from fire, hot gases and smoke. For this high level of protection, choose SCHOTT PYRANOVA®, which consists of thin panes of float glass and transparent, fire-resistant layers that intumesce in the event of a fire, making it ideal for areas requiring extra shielding from heat, such as fire escapes.

High Security Glass

As well as offering protection from fire, hot gases and smoke, fire-resistant glass performs another vital role as security glass, protecting people and property from attack. PYRANOVA® secure and NOVOLAY® secure deliver a high level of protection against manual and mechanical attack, as well as resistance to bullet attack, giving peace of mind to the occupants of commercial and private buildings.