Bioactive Glass Powder

SCHOTT currently produces two types of bioactive glass for cosmetic applications: Vitryxx® Bioactive Glass Powder and Vitryxx®M Bioactive Glass with Mica. Alternative bioactive glasses are available upon request.
Vitryxx® MD01 Bioactive Glass

Vitryxx® MD01 Bioactive Glass

SCHOTT Vitryxx® Bioactive Glass Powder is used in a broad range of cosmetic products. Upon activation with water, Vitryxx® will release mineral ions.


  • INCI-name: Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate
  • Form of delivery: Frit, grain sizes upon request
  • CAS: 65997-18-4
  • EINECS: 266046-0
  • Mass %: 100 % (Vitryxx®)


Available as a fine white powder, SCHOTT Vitryxx® is composed of four oxides essential for the human body: silicon oxide, sodium oxide, calcium oxide and phosphor oxide. This makes it highly biocompatible and skin-friendly.

Vitryxx® effectively delivers the traditional glass benefits of high resistance to temperature and UV radiation, and is also odorless and tasteless.


Vitryxx®M G018-270 Bioactive Glass

Vitryxx®M G018-270 Bioactive Glass

SCHOTT Vitryxx®M is a combination of SCHOTT Vitryxx® Bioactive Glass and Mica, a group of phyllosilicates that offer a number of reflective and refractive properties for cosmetic products.


  • INCI-name: Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate/Mica
  • Form of delivery: Powder, grain sizes upon request
  • CAS: 65997-18-4 (Vitryxx®)
  • CAS: 12001-26-2 (Mica)
  • EINECS: 266046-0 (Vitryxx®)
  • EINECS: 310-127-6 (Mica)
  • Mass %: 95-99% (Vitryxx®)
  • Mass %: 1-5 % (Mica)


Pre-blending with Mica improves the dispersibility of bioactive glass and enhances the appearance of the formulation. 

SCHOTT Vitryxx®M is odorless and tasteless and adds a glittery shimmer to beauty products.

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