Aspherical Lenses

SCHOTT’s range of aspherical lenses offer the combination of custom design, flexible production, and enhanced total light transmission, all in a wide range of glass materials, giving you a versatile and reliable solution for your imaging requirements.

High precision properties of aspherical lenses

Superior overall image quality

With a high-end surface structure, aspherical lenses eliminate monochromatic aberrations in order to deliver outstanding overall image quality.

Better surface figures

For many high-end optic designs, surface imperfections and slope error are critical. The specifications of SCHOTT Aspherical Lenses are guaranteed by state-of-the-art 3D metrology.

Compact and lightweight

Aspherical lenses are often used to replace multi-spherical element assemblies since they reduce the total weight and enable a more compact design.

Your lenses to your specification

With a large number of customizable features, from materials and dimensions to surface texture and form tolerances, we make sure you receive the right lens for the job.


We offer aspherical lenses up to 200 mm in diameter and center thickness up to 40 mm (out of quarz and optical glass).

For specifications and tolerances please view our ‘Aspherical Lenses Datasheet’ in the download section.


Diagram of two circles filled with grey and white squares showing the image difference between spherical and aspherical lenses 


The design of aspherical lenses helps to eliminate or reduce distortions for a better peripheral vision. This helps to see more detail while enlarging small and distant objects.

Form deviations

Typical form deviations (irregularity function) for a 60 mm lens diameter. 

More data available in the datasheet in the download section.

Aspherical Lenses 3D Metrology Graphic - Form Deviations

Slope error

Excellent slope error performances: slope max. error < 0.1 mrad.

More data available in the datasheet in the download section.

Aspherical Lenses 3D Metrology Graphic - Slope Error

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