A selection of clear profiled tubes and rods made from SCHOTT CONTURAX®


The broad and versatile range of high-quality profiled glass tubes and rods in SCHOTT's CONTURAX® range opens up a range of possibilities for a variety of applications. Our angular glass tubing range CONTURAX® Pro expands customer options even more, whether its for industry, architecture, design or lighting.
A clear, star-shaped and a clear, triangle-shaped profiled tube made from SCHOTT CONTURAX® glass

Clear, versatile and strong

Made from DURAN® borosilicate glass, the high esthetic quality of CONTURAX® is a direct result of our advanced production process. CONTURAX® Pro offers an even wider spectrum of shapes and surfaces, with both delivering outstanding looks and scratch resistance.

A selection of clear rectangular tubes made from SCHOTT CONTURAX®

Multi-functional, multi-shaped, multi-sized

CONTURAX® is the ideal material to let your creativity run wild. Along with the more angular shapes of the CONTURAX® Pro range, these products are used in architecture, art, interior design and industry.

Outline of a SCHOTT CONTURAX® four-pointed star-shaped glass rod

Product variants

CONTURAX® tubes and rods are available in a number of shapes that create a range of options for designers and architects. CONTURAX® glass tubes are also available in the CONTURAX® Tough variant, which features an inner surface polymer coating that adds strength and resilience, as well as protection in the event of breakage.

Outline of a SCHOTT CONTURAX® octagon-shaped glass rod
Outline of a SCHOTT CONTURAX® triangle-shaped glass rod
Outline of a SCHOTT CONTURAX® ellipse-shaped glass tube
Outline of a SCHOTT CONTURAX® rectangle-shaped glass tube
Outline of a SCHOTT CONTURAX® three-pointed star-shaped glass rod
Outline of a SCHOTT CONTURAX® three-pointed star-shaped glass rod

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Security at your fingertips

Find out how CONTURAX® is being used in an innovative new biometric scanning system that can read both fingerprints and electronic IDs for the first time.

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